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Our Quality

We emphasize on quality standards in all the aspects like packaging and transportation procedures and perform quality check through continuous sample testing. Our in-house quality assurance team periodically conducts a series of quality checks on all the products, right from the sourcing of the raw material to the dispatch of the finished products in the market. Our quality personnel also remain confident of the quality of the ingredients and other inputs, present in our range of products. With a vast experience of 12 years and in-depth industry knowledge, we are continually upgrading and expanding our product range, process and technology. All the products like Electrostatic Discharge Products, ESD Safe Trolleys etc manufactured by us are inline with the national as well as international quality standards.

Our Products

Our wide and comprehensive range of products includes:

Anti Static Products

Wrist Band

Heel Strap

Anti Static Shoes

Anti Static Garments

Anti Static Spray

ESD Caution Tape & Static Shielding Tape

Dispenser Bottles

Tape Products

ESD Safe Trolleys

Conductive Products

Conductive Tray

Conductive Bin & Tray

Conductive HDPE Pipes

Conductive Bowl And Spoons

Static Discharge Stand

Conductive Rod

Conductive Hammers

Conductive Bottles

Conductive Shoes

Clean Room Products

Head Covering & Face Mask

Anti Static Aprons

Anti Static Gloves & Shoe Covers

Tacky Mat

Clean Room Wipes

Floor Cleaning Solution

Clean Room Slippers

Clean Roombooties

Caninet & Finger Cots

ESD Safe Packaging Materials

Conductive Black Tubing & Bags

Conductive Grid Bags

Anti Static Pink Tubing & Bags

Static Shielding Bags And Zipped

Anti Static Pink Foam And Conductive Foam

Anti Static Pink Bubble Bag

Anti Static Pink Bubble Roll

Anti Static Pink Bags & Zip Type Bags

PP Corrugated Conductive Boxes & Trays

Moisture Barrier Bag

Antistatic Work Station

Anti Static Work Table - 1

Anti Static Work Table - 2

Anti Static Work Table-4

Anti Static Work Tables

ESD Safe Work Area

ESD Safe Work Area & Anti Static Chair

Anti Static Vinyl Chair

Anti Static VINYL Chair with Chrome Base

Anti Static PVC flooring

Conductive PCB Plastic Rack

Conductive PCB Magazine Rack

Interconnecting Wire

Field Service Kit

Imported PVC Tiles

Conductive PCB Rack L-Type

ESD Test Equipments

ESD Measuring Instruments Surface Resistivity Meter (9 V)

Surface Resistivity Meter (100 V)

Surface Resistivity Meter (100 V) With Probes

Dual Surface Resistivity Meter With Probes

Wrist Strap Tester

Foot Wear Tester (Normal)

Foot Wear Tester (Imported)

Static Charge Meter (Digital)

Magnifiers & Flame Proof torches

Illuminated Magnifiers

Alkaline ED 3700

King Lite 4000

Heads Uplite 2660C

Heads Uplite 2640C

Alkaline 4C M10 8040

Soldering Tools

Soldering Station

De-Soldering Station

SMD Reworkstation

Soldering Pot

Soldering Iron

EMI Shielding Tools

EMI Sheet & EMI Tube

EMI Gasket

Heat Sink Pad

VCI Rust Prevention Materials

VCI Film

VCI Bags

VCI Papers

Conformal Coating

Master Batches

Anti Static Master Batches

Conductive Master Batch

Conductive Materials

Conductive Wheel

Conductive Spatula

Conductive Pallet

Conductive Mat

Conductive Pin Insertion Foam

Conductive Brushes

Conductive Slippers

Conductive Scoop

Conductive Roller

Our Products Are Applicable in:

  • Electronic Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Defence Forces and Clean Room.

Our Infrastructure

Going by the trends, we incorporate world class infrastructure which is the powerhouse of professionalism and technology. This strategy enables us to run our business processes efficiently and effectively. Our in-house manufacturing unit is complacent with state of the art machinery and equipments which yield excellent results at low maintenance cost. Standing on the pillars of contemporary technology and staff training, we have a spacious warehouse which has the capacity to store large quantities of Electrostatic Discharge Products as per changing requirements of the costumers. We have a well defined line of distribution management, enabling quick processing of the orders.