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Antistatic Products
Developed from excellent grade ESD fabrics, these Antistatic Products are meant for the safety of workers working under static electricity prone working condition. Offered in different specifications, these are easy to maintain, handle and clean. These are provided at lowest price range.
Conductive Products
Developed from standard grade polyurethane of different density levels, these Conductive Products are Eco friendly and have good antistatic attributes. These are required to safeguard sensitive appliances against electrical shock. These products are moisture and high temperature protected. These are convenient to install and handle.
VCI Products
Volatile corrosion inhibitor or VCI Products are used to safeguard metals during their storage or relocation. These products are suitable for protecting chrome, steel, aluminum, tin and cast iron against rust without adopting degreasing method. These are Eco friendly  and are developed from LDPE and wooden elements.
EMI / RFI Shielding Products
These meticulously designed EMI / RFI Products are used to safeguard medical and telecommunication equipments against electromagnetic as well as radio frequency interference. Offered in different specifications, these have excellent heat insulation properties. These are weather protected and are reckoned for their good acoustic attributes.
ESD Workstations
Developed from standard grade mild steel with powder coated surface, these ESD Workstations are equipped with laminated ESD shelves. These consist of mild steel made powder coated electrical panel, electrical socket, precisely developed drawer and multiple conductive bins. These are easy to handle and maintain.

ESD Products
Our assortment of ESD Products is preferred for its application specific design, utilization of non toxic grade raw materials and good static electricity dissipation performance. Developed from wood, fiberglass, concrete, foam and nylon, these products have excellent surface resistance attributes.
Offered in granular or crystalline form, Masterbatches are basically additives that are used to color and to enhance various properties of plastics. Good dispersive attributes and low dosage rate are their main characteristics. These are offered in different packaging options.
Clean Room Products
Developed from non toxic grade raw materials, these Clean Room Products are meant for maintaining clean room interior contamination free. Made of Eco friendly PP and LDPE materials, these are light in weight and are non allergic by nature. We offer these in different specifications.

ESD Trolleys
ESD Trolleys are reliable options to shift bulk amount of materials under electrostatic discharge protected environment. Stainless steel or mild steel made structure of these trolleys is chrome plated or galvanized. These are totally safeguarded against bacterial and fungal contamination.
ESD Test Equipments
Easy to carry, these ESD Measuring Test Equipments are preferred for their error free operation. Easy to operate, these testing solutions are light in weight and have long working life. Sturdy construction and application specific structure are the main characteristics of these test equipments.
Anti Static Bags
The Anti Static Bags are mainly used for the places, where a safe & effective storage & transportation of electronic components is needed. The bags can deal with all sort of damages that are grounded by electrostatic emission.
Anti Static Shoe Cover
Anti Static Shoe Covers are provided with conductive strips so as to provide cost-effective grounding course to dissipative floor. They are appreciable for their slip resistant coating and minimized risk of slippery that occurs on wet floors.
Antistatic Illuminated Magnifier
Antistatic Illuminated Magnifiers are accoutered with lens fitted battery-functioned lamp, which can lighten up various objects during the process of observation. They also enable stress free operation, high mechanical strength and boosted durability. Bestowed with many magnifying properties, these welcome features are demanded in all sectors.
Antistatic Wearable
Protection of insulted clothing is needed to lessen in all electric fields. We offer Antistatic Wearable that are woven in a chain-link designing throughout the material. These protective attires are meant to provide consistent as well as continuous charge dispersion.
Anti Static Footwear
Anti Static Footwear are the conductive shoes, which can preclude the build-up of static electrical assertions in the human body. They can efficiently prevent the abrupt electricity flow. Offered slippers and other footwear essentials are apt for both male and female.
Antistatic Spray
Antistatic Sprays are the liquid sprays, which can obviate static electricity and ensure the prevention from static cling. This easy to use item is proffered with multiple benefits in different industries. The sprays make use of many conductive & antistatic agents.
ESD Finger Cots
ESD Finger Cots are used to provide protection to many circuit boards. These sheaths are not prone to skin & oil. The best things about these cots is that they are totally safe & durable. Provided latex free cots ensure intermittent contact protection from many chemicals. Their physical properties enable them to be used in electronics assembly.
Anti Static Industrial Tapes
Anti Static Industrial Tapes are made from transparent polyester & copper films. They are totally ideal for their effective use in electronic assemblies & components. The tapes can prevent ESD damage that can reach to the sensitive electronics components.
Conductive Trailers And Trolleys
Conductive Trailers And Trolleys are mainly designed to be used in high temperature environments. They ensure optimal movements and effortless & safe material handling. The trolleys can deal with all anti-static components.
Antistatic Work Station
The Antistatic Work Station is offered by us that is suitable for being installed in the needed places. The works station helps in increasing the productivity and is made for use in the various commercial places as per the need.
Trolley Wheels
We are offering here the Trolley Wheels of various types that are used in trolley, so that goods can be taken from one place to another easily without any difficulty. They are made for easy installation in the various types of trolleys.
Gaskets Products
There is a wide range of Gaskets Products offered by us that are suitable for commercial and industrial purposes. Gaskets create a pressure-tight seam between multiple stationary components, relying on a compression seal to prevent unwanted gas or liquid emissions.